每个月在dafa888bet手机版,我们都享受 通用百胜 在我们的团队会议上,来自不同国家的箱子. Through the recent transition as we #workfromhome our Global Ed Manager, Hannah had the opportunity to share the 巴西的百胜餐饮 with her niece, 杰克Ayla(哎呀, 埃尔莎)!

看看这个可爱的冒险 of Hannah and her niece as they try some delicious and not so delicious snacks from Brazil (according to 埃尔莎).



The Taft Museum of Art, a museum now at your fingertips, is offering virtual tours of their museum! 每周日收听适合家庭的节目, hands-on art activities led by their learning and engagement team.


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Zoom CEO Eric Yuan Is Giving K-12 Schools His Videoconferencing Tools For Free

随着Covid-19病毒席卷全球, 导致城市被隔离学校停课, Zoom has emerged as one of the leading tools to keep businesses up and running and students learning. 周三, 可用数据的最近一天, 343,全球有000人下载了Zoom应用, 60,000美元在美国.S. 独自一人, according to mobile intelligence firm Apptopia — compared to 90,全世界有000人和27人,000美元在美国.S. 就在两个月前. (Zoom doesn’t share such numbers and wouldn’t comment on a third party report.一夜之间),, having already removed the time limit from video chats using Zoom’s free service for affected regions in China and elsewhere, Yuan took another measure to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus: he decided to remove the limit for any K-12 schools affected in Japan, 意大利和美国.

填写表格的学生或老师 在线表单 using their school email addresses and are then verified by Zoom will have any accounts associated with that school’s domain also gain unlimited temporary meeting minutes, 根据一项 网站 为整个过程做好准备. The free Basic accounts are also available by request in Austria, 丹麦, 法国, 爱尔兰, 波兰, 罗马尼亚和韩国, Zoom的一位发言人说. “考虑到许多K-12学校开始关闭, we decided to offer Zoom access to all K-12 schools in the country starting tomorrow,袁世凯一夜之间在一封电子邮件中写道.


全球故事书: From 阿拉伯语 to Zulu, freely available digital tales in 50+ languages

在全球范围内, 750 million youth and adults do not know how to read and write and 250 million children are failing to acquire basic literacy skills. Literacy is central to education and plays an important role in 发展与和平.

为了应对这一全球性dafa888bet手机版挑战, our team based at the University of British Columbia developed the open multilingual literacy portal 全球故事书.

This portal hosts custom 网站s with multilingual open-licensed books for over 40 countries and regions on five continents. Our vision is to help democratize global flows of information and resources, to facilitate language learning — including Indigenous languages — and to promote literacy.



经常给你的孩子提供创造性的挑战. 享受不同的创造性活动! 和你的孩子一起创造是有趣的,简单的和重要的.

Be sure to make time for at least one creative activity with your kids each week. 激发孩子们的想象力, listening to their ideas and spending time doing creative activities together are keys to their success.



戈尔曼遗产农场 每周五上午11点在Facebook上直播! Join this week as they visit the bunnies who live on the farm! 在他们的Facebook页面上了解更多!


戈尔曼传统农场是一个占地122英亩的非营利组织, 以农业dafa888bet手机版为使命的农场工作, 营养, 可持续性, 和环境. The vision of 戈尔曼遗产农场 is to cultivate an informed, 参与建立健康未来的社区. Our values fulfilling the Gorman’s legacy are: Self-reliance, 管理, 服务, 有趣的学习, 和有意义的劳动.

Free Online Art Classes McHarper庄园 Art Studio in Milford

Kindness and education are shining through during difficult times for kids and parents as COVID-19 continues to cause school closures across the country.

One business in Milford is reaching thousands of children across the world through art.

When schools and businesses began to shut down because of COVID-19, 艺术家塔比莎·哈珀知道她必须做点什么.

So, she went to social media and began to offer free art classes for children. 现在,她在世界各地教学生.

“If we’re going to be bored for the next three weeks, we’re not going to be bored,哈珀说:. “我的心一直都是为了那些喜欢艺术的孩子们. 我觉得艺术是一种治疗. 这是我爱的语言. 这是我分享爱的方式.”

哈珀是一位艺术家和所有者 McHarper庄园这是一家位于米尔福德的艺术DIY工作室.

She said she wanted to find a way to help children process what was happening in the country.

The idea took off and has reached not only local families, but families across the world.

“并不是所有的妈妈, 或者爸爸, 祖母或看护者也有和我一样的工具箱, 让我的孩子们开心快乐, 收拾东西,处理这些东西,哈珀说:. “所以,这是我能为人们做的最起码的事.”

Thousands of families are tuning in each day to help children learn how to paint, 造型和将来的.

了解更多有关他们的 Facebook页面! 


Chinese Company Ships Crates of Masks to Italy Covered in 意大利 Poetry: We Are ‘Leaves of the Same Tree’

A Chinese company has shipped crates containing tens of thousands of respirator masks to Italy in her time of need.

And it has done so with the artistic flair of a true 意大利 romantic.

Consumer technology giant Xiaomi mailed the shipment to the 意大利 Civil Protection Department, and they stapled to the side of the crates an ancient line of poetry from the Roman philosopher 塞内加:

We are waves from the same sea, leaves from the same tree, and flowers from the same garden.

Siamo onde dello stesso mare, foglie dello stesso albero, fiori dello stesso giardino

The European country has had a terrible time of the pandemic, and Xiaomi International (pronounced Sheeow-mee) 3月5日,该公司在其Facebook页面上宣布了这笔捐款, saying the company felt a responsibility to a market which had welcomed them so warmly when the smartphone maker expanded into Italy two years ago.


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