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Welcome our New Board Director

Board Members are the voice of our mission, they steer us towards a sustainable future by making sure our nonprofit has adequate resources to advance in our impact to promote global competence in the community. For the incoming year we are pleased to announce an additional Board Director to the World Affairs Council.

Please join us in welcoming Dale Dean, Owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer of DeanHouston公司. where he specializes in B2B Integrated Marketing Communications and Branding. He founded DeanHouston on June 15, 1988 along with partners Greg and Pam Houston. They currently have locations in 辛辛那提, Chicago, Ontario, and Shanghai. He recently joined the Council after inspiring and dedicating time to elevating the council’s brand and designing the Council’s world class 网站.


Having recently navigated the challenge of launching a new and improved 网站, 世华建协 is keeping an eye out for member Councils that are taking on such a big challenge. We recognize World Affairs Council of 辛辛那提 and Northern Kentucky as our Council of the Month to highlight their world-class 网站 and re-branding.

In partnership with one of the Council’s vital 赞助商s, 多佛公司, and its global marketing firm, DeanHouston, the Council came up with a winning formula. WAC 辛辛那提 and Northern Kentucky’s blog posts celebrate inclusive branding and the launch of their new name and logo reveals a deliberate process worth noting.

“DeanHouston stepped up with an investment of time and expertise to advice the Council leadership through a name change, 新标识, 消息传递, 营销工具, 和网站. As a small nonprofit organization leading global education efforts, connecting local business and family to world leaders, and creating a culturally aware and informed community, our online and outward presence has shifted to meet the needs of today’s society,米歇尔·哈佩诺说, 执行董事. “What you see today came out of this process to better share out story.“这是一个怎样的故事!

谢谢 World Affairs Council of America 的识别.

本月董事会成员:Dr. 理查德Lauf

理查德,我. Lauf, Ph值.D.
World Affairs Council Board Chair

Dr. 劳夫在宝洁公司工作 & Gamble from 1972-2001 in a variety of line management and staff roles in manufacturing, 信息技术, 互动营销, 以及企业新企业. For six years he held an internal consulting position. In that capacity he led planning efforts that improved strategic options for coping with the hyperinflation in Venezuela and the economic crisis in Mexico. He guided the integration of Richardson-Vicks’s Mexican operations into P&G. He led the initial sourcing study for European manufacturing and distribution following the opening of EU trade policies by the Schengen Agreement.

他有博士学位.D. in Business and Information Technology from the Union Institute and University. His field of study centered on the ways that networks, 是否技术, 人类或业务, are reshaping business models, society and national security. He is currently an independent researcher and writer. He has published case studies on digital diplomacy at the US State Dept, file sharing in the music industry, 手机游戏, and the use of social media to on-board new employees in companies and the military.

他曾在美国服役.S. Army as an infantry platoon leader, including service in the Republic of Viet Nam, where his awards include the Combat Infantry Badge and the Purple Heart.

In addition to his work with the World Affairs Council, he is a Board Member of the 辛辛那提歌剧, and also active in the 英语-Speaking Union and the Foreign Policy Leadership Council.

阅读他最新的博客: Staying Informed – Discerning Real From Fake dafa888bet手机版 & 本月董事会成员:Dr. 理查德Lauf



Ambassador Kenton Keith visits Greater 辛辛那提

谢谢 Foreign Policy Leadership Council, Xavier University the Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue for hosting Ambassador Kenton Keith. During his visit he spoke on the topic of Iran versus Saudi Arabia on 91.7 WVXU辛辛那提版,圆桌风格 北肯塔基大学,在 Schiff Conference Center at Xavier University 晚餐和对话.

“这对我来说非常有用.  I found a couple of questions in Ambassador Keith’s presentation to explore in my research and I had a great conversation with a couple who spent more time in the region than I did.  These are always wonderful ways for me to calibrate my research and teaching.”

– Marsha Robinson, Assistant Professor, Miami University

5th 寰宇联欢晚会 and Global Trivia Competition

Our 一个世界盛会 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our 5th 寰宇联欢晚会! This year we had special guest emcee, Thane Maynard director of the 辛辛那提动物园 and Botanical Garden – during the auction he invited his friend 里海, a beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl to join the fun!

Thank you to all of our amazing 赞助商s who have supported our build for global education and promotion of international awareness through education. Their 赞助商ship helps expand our outreach to local schools through our dafabet888经典网页版 programs. These programs impact students in powerful ways that sustain well beyond a one-time engagement.


卡罗尔的安 & 拉尔夫V. 海丽小./U.S. 银行基础




Miami University Global Initiatives
Graydon、头、 & Ritchey LLP)
University of 辛辛那提 International
Miami University Department of 政治科学
理查德•Lauf Ph值.D.
Mary Ann Buchino, Ed.D.


RiverPoint Capital Management | Anonymous | Anonymous | Anonymous


辛辛那提世界电影 | Anonymous | Anonymous


鲍勃•贝茨, 男孩Na Braza, 咖啡商场, 辛辛那提芭蕾舞, 辛辛那提歌剧, 辛辛那提, 红色, 辛辛那提交响曲, 辛辛那提世界电影, 辛辛那提动物园, 音乐会:新星, 库珀鹰 & 酒庄, 黛安娜Firsten, 合奏剧院, FC辛辛那提, 还不算的冰淇淋, Jan Scherbin, 知道剧院, Krombholz珠宝商, Kuy整形手术, 该酒厂, Paragon沙龙, 公共媒体连接- CET & ThinkTV, Shakespeare Company, Queen City Opera, Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon, Upper Eden, Villa Sanctuary, Vine Hill Farm LLC, Vintner Select Fine Wines, WVXU

Special thanks to Michele Mansfield, 2018 一个世界盛会 Event Chair
Thank you – The Phoenix, DeanHouston, Sheng Yin, 志愿者s, Board Members & 工作人员

World Leaders Visit 辛辛那提 and Northern Kentucky

在二月, the council hosted 19 Brazilian 英语 teachers who were participating in an intensive 英语 program at Ohio University. These visitors stayed with local family members over a weekend to practice their 英语 and soak up American culture. The teachers enjoyed visiting with local families and seeing what their hosts deemed the very best of 辛辛那提. From the fond and emotional goodbyes, it was apparent that powerful connections can be made even over a short time.

A special thank you to our local hosts and volunteers, without you these memorable experiences couldn’t be possible. Your generosity in opening up your homes to these international visitors will be fond memories of our area for years to come.

 “Hosting international visitors is a unique benefit offered to members-first. Visitors are 赞助商ed by the U.S. Department of State and have been recognized as leaders effecting real change in their home communities. Connect with these leading individuals from around the world by hosting them for dinner in your home.”

– The Goldberg Family, World Affairs Council Member

Meet our Global Guide: Zade Nabi

国籍: First Generation Palestinian American

dafa888bet手机版: 政治科学 & 加州大学历史

职业: 运动副 & 仓库操作符

讨论的话题: Palestinian-Israel Conflict, 全球化, 恬淡寡欲, Political and Historical thoughts and methods

给未来指引的建议: Be the strongest one in the room, and by that I mean be the leader of the people around you, 向他们展示你的自信. Of course, if you need to prepare what you will say, do it. Even the best speaker in the world prepares. Practice and preparation go hand in hand. Use your preparation skills to gather up the information you want to talk about and practice how you will portray your information.

Join the Global Ed Network TODAY!

In partnership with school districts, 国际社会合作伙伴, 和合作企业, the World Affairs Council champions global education efforts through innovative, 互动, 和经验方法. 我们的dafabet888经典网页版网络, we design yearlong academic enrichment and leadership opportunities for students and teachers to focus on cross-cultural experiences, 全球职业, 和知识的活动.

Bring the world to your district today! We’ll partner with you to create a program that fits your needs.

想了解更多,请访问我们的网站 网站.

Upcoming World Affairs 委员会的活动

3月26日|当美国.S. foreign policy goals conflict with conduct of American businesses abroad with Qaisar Shareef, 退休P&G包括P&G巴基斯坦和P&G乌克兰- 注册在这里

4月26日 |失败的未来, 失败, and Fragile States with Carl Koppell, VP, Applied Conflict Transformation, United States Institute of Peace

5月22日 | The Future of China’s Maritime Aspirations with Lyle Goldstein, Associate Professor & Director, China Maritime Studies Institute at Naval War 大学

International 社区活动

3月8日| 国际妇女节 – creating a culture of equality

3月9至10 | 大品酒 – Featuring samples of more than 700 wines from more than 250 wineries across the globe, while guests enjoy delicious food and a silent auction

3月14日| 搅拌! Multicultural Networking Reception – Hosted by our 辛辛那提 Multicultural Chamber Collaborative

3月15日| British Tea Tasting at Churchill’s Fine Teas – taste your way through the history of tea in Britain, where over 150 million cups of tea are consumed each day

3月31日| 1954英里 – group art show at Wave Pool – aims to give a voice to a few artists from LA Frontera, to use the space as a megaphone to represent the complex thoughts and feelings that come from people living in the contested border between Mexico and the United States

4月7日| International Dinner and Talent Show ——穿上 NKU’s International Student and Scholar Services

访问我们的 网站 更多的本地活动!

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